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2018 - current

What is the meaning of a crucifixion?

There are many answers, many planes of intersection and overlapping.

From a bodily point of view, the smell of the slaughterhouse in the eyes, the beauty of the flesh, its finiteness…

But for me a crucifixion is the attempt to lead the afterlife into the herelife, to create a space where life and death are dangerously mixed in, where they inhabit the same plane, blurred and indistinguishable, they look at each other and breath together in the immediate vanishing.

And a crucifixion is also an armour which to hang on sensations, perceptions, visions, collapse of the human, rebirth of the human, in this sense a crucifixion is always a self portrait, not only because in the phisical appearance we sense life and death effecting inside of us, but also because it’s flesh-writing, it’s the rugged writing of the everyday.

Crucifixion, living without life, diying without death, share the eternity to make it transitory.

About the prints

All the images were taken with Polaroid instant films, therefore every print is unique.

Print size is 20,3×25,4 cm.