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Apparatus of capture


In this series of images I “built”, I “assembled”, a visual machine that traces both some concrete concatenations and their decoding points.

We – no longer we, inside and outside this machine, with multiple points of entry and exit: the “inside” of the photo booth that captures us like any political, social, economic, cultural apparatus does, and the “outside” of that printed photo which is barely visible in the exit hole of the booth, who knows what trajectories that print raves, perhaps the cartography of the cosmic and deterritorialization forces that precipitate us – no longer us, towards our becomings, a short circuit resulting from that white wall on which the symbols of the institutions of the States are imprinted, but which are incessantly crossed, besieged, “pierced”, by the plane of consistency, by the rhizome, by the Body without Organs, with the awareness that there are no layers without a plane of consistency, blocks without lines of flight, arborescences without rhizomes, and it is on these planes, between these cataclysms, that existence and life unravel and consolidate and become …

About the prints

The images of the “Apparatus of capture” series are printed in the 40x55cm. size.Print editions are limited to nine with two artist proofs.