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Body without Organs – 1. Probe heads


“On November 28, 1947, Artaud declares war on the organs: To be done with the judgment of god – “for you can tie me up if you wish, but there is nothing more useless than an organ.” It is an experimentation, which is not only radiophonic but also biological and political, incurring censorship and repression. Corpus and Socius, politics and experimentation. They will not let you experiment in peace…Where psychoanalysis says: Stop, find your Self again, we should say instead: Let’s go further, we haven’t found our Body without Organs yet, we haven’t sufficiently dismantled our Self. Substitute oblivium for anamnesis, experimentation for interpretation. Find your Body without Organs, find out how to make it, it’s a question of life and death, youth and old age, sadness and joy. It is where everything is played out…

Beyond the face lies an altogether different inhumanity: no longer that of the primitive head, but of “probe-heads”; here, cutting edges of deterritorialization become operative and lines of deterritorialization positive and absolute, forming strange new becomings, new polyvocalities. Become clandestine, make rhizome everywhere, for the wonder of a nonhuman life to be created. “

(from Thousand Plateaus – Capitalisme and Schizophrenia, by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari)

About the prints

The images of the “BwO – 1. Searching heads” series are printed in the 135x110cm. size.Print editions are limited to nine with two artist proofs.