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Body without Organs – 2. About the Father-Mother

2011 - 2013

“I, Antonin Artaud, am my son, my father, my mother, and myself;
leveller of the idiotic periplus on which procreation is impaled,
the periplus of papa-mama and child,
soot of grandma’s ass,
much more than of father’s-mother’s”

(from Ci-git by Antonin Artaud)

Note: in 2011, when he was 6 years old, I gave to my son Giulio a compact camera, and I also gave him a basic rule: I asked him to photograph anything made sense to him anytime we were together, so that our visual molecules could collapse in that zone of proximity and indiscernibility of my becoming-child.

About the prints

The images of the “BwO – 2. About the Father-Mother” series are printed in the 45×34 cm. size.

Print editions are limited to nine with two artist proofs.